CMaRS was developed by Mount Sinai Hospital in 2009 to
bring efficiencies to the annual reappointment cycle of their physicians.

Additional hospitals soon came on board. A Steering Committee made up of Chiefs of Staff and VPs of Medical Affairs was established, as well as a User group, to guide the evolution of the system. This feedback has been invaluable and ensures that CMaRS continues to meet the needs of its growing user base. Since 2009, additional modules were added to the CMaRS system such as collecting MSA Dues and PQII fees, bringing value to other groups within our clients’ institutions. The CMaRs team has a proven track-record of responding quickly when clients have asked to amend procedures such as adding Conflict of Interest forms or other custom content which improves the application and/or its utility.

The next release of the system includes modules for initial credentialing and has the ability to link to external e-learning modules to enable your teams to enforce completion of these e-learning courses before reappointment can be completed.

We are proud to be working with the following hospitals
and thank them very much for their input.


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