Fast. Simple. Secure

CMaRS was developed by Medical Affairs professionals and all product enhancements have been driven by clinicians and medical affairs staff that sit on our Steering Committee and/or User Group. Physicians, Department Chiefs and Medical Affairs teams have been involved to ensure that the design, work flow and reporting tools ensure maximum utility with minimal training requirements.

doctor at computer

Professional staff:

  • Reduces physician enrollment time to minutes
  • Physicians edit prepopulated fields
  • Physicians can submit reappointment application for multiple hospitals at the same time
  • Paperless
  • Documents can be attached easily
hospital executive 

Department chiefs:

  • Ensures application is complete before Chief review
  • One click appraisal for physicians
  • Recommendation lists are automatically created for further approval
  • Minimal training required; 30 minutes
hospital administrator 

Medical Affairs:

  • Significant time savings by streamlining document management, communications and follow-up
  • Reduces physician enrollment cycle from months to weeks
  • Reduces errors and query time by allowing physicians to edit only specific fields of their record
  • Staff can easily monitor progress of applications and send automated reminder e-mails
  • Minimal training required; one hour
 doctor at computer


  • Web-based system with support provided by CMaRS team
  • CMaRS is hosted in our secure Hospital data centre.
  • Little or no IT resources required to implement or for ongoing use

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